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Emergency System | v.1.0.4

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=== Emergency System ===

Contributors: Dmitry N. Giannopulos
Tags: emergency, biohazard, covid-19, ems, defcon, emergcon
Requires at least: 4.4
Requires PHP: 7.3
Tested up to: 5.7
Stable tag: 1.0.4
License: GPLv3 or later
License URI: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html

== Description ==

= Emergency system =
Stay up to date with all the latest developments in the world.
Helping people stay alert in the event of a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear hazard (CBRN, DEFCON, EMERGCONs).

DEFCON 1: Maximum military readiness for “immediate response” to threats or attacks
DEFCON 2: Military forces stand ready to deploy and fight in six hours or less
DEFCON 3: Select forces are ready to deploy in 15 minutes
DEFCON 4: “Above normal readiness”
DEFCON 5: “Normal”

== Privacy notices ==

With the default configuration, this plugin, in itself, does not:
* track users by stealth;
* write any user personal data to the database;
* send any data to external servers;
* use cookies.

If you activate certain features in this plugin, the contact form submitter's personal data, including their IP address, may be sent to the service provider. Thus, confirming the provider's privacy policy is recommended. These features include:
* reCAPTCHA ([Google](https://policies.google.com/?hl=en))
* Akismet ([Automattic](https://automattic.com/privacy/))
* Constant Contact ([Endurance International Group](https://www.endurance.com/privacy))
* [Sendinblue](https://www.sendinblue.com/legal/privacypolicy/)


Here is the basic shortcode. Add shortcodes any page or post

**Emergency System**
[ems-widget type="global-ems"]

**Biohazard Meter**
[eas-widget type="global-eas"]

**Data Source:** [API](https://github.com/DmitrysXYZ/Emergency-System).
* Please check Privacy Policy [here](https://dmitrys.xyz/policy.php).

== Installation ==

= Minimum Requirements =
* WordPress 4.4.0 or greater
* PHP version 7.3 or greater

= Installing manually =
1. Download Plugin in Zip format
2. Go to WordPress admin > Plugins > Add New
3. Upload Zip file and Activate Plugin
4. Shortcodes [ems-widget type="global-ems"] OR [eas-widget type="global-eas"]

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= What is Emergency System? =
Helping people stay alert in the event of a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear hazard (CBRN, DEFCON, EMERGCONs).

= How often data updates? =
The data are collected on a daily basis and analyzed according to the situation of urgent need, in cases chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear hazard (CBRN, DEFCON, EMERGCONs).

= What are DEFCON levels? =
DEFCON levels are specifically tied to the likelihood of a nuclear threat, and since current laws of armed conflict do not prohibit the use of or development of nuclear arms, the Defense Department relies on the DEFCON system as a means to keep troops ready to meet the needs of an armed conflict or the threat of one that may include the use of nukes.

== Upgrade Notice ==

Automatic update working great for this plugin. If you customize the plugin make sure to store a backup before up

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